Sunday, June 06, 2010


Um, surfacing for air.... but only just.
I don't know how anybody manages to blog while moving cross-country, I sure can't seem to manage it.

We are just beginning to think unpacked thoughts and I head back to PA for my floral design test this week.  I am still only feeling mildly prepared.... so there will be more frantic studying rather than posting until that is over.

But, lest I forget:

  • My kids managed to get fevers right after we got here.  Knowing about HSF's ongoing drama, taking them to a doctor wasn't a option yet.  Luckily it passed quickly, to be followed by the Captain getting a riotous cold, causing his entire face too ooze with exudate. (That one's still on the table). Party, I tell you.
  • My boys love the dogs at this house.  It's kind of a terrified love at times, but they cannot get enough of them.
  • I have gotten sunburned 4 times since I got here.  Apparently my learning curve is steep.
  • I watched The Young Victoria and loved it, followed by Victoria and Albert, which I did not love.  Fascinating to see how the telling of such a well-documented portion of history could be told in such vastly different ways.  Makes me worry about the academic teaching of history as though it was objective.  There is no objective take on history.  not possible.
  • I'm almost done reading Charlotte's Web to Sir O.  I'm not sure how much he's actually paying attention, but he likes to be read to at night.  I'm tempted to try Treasure Island next.  It may be way over his head, but it's bound to increase one of our vocabularies.  
  • It was marvelous to spend Memorial Day with extended family.  We haven't been able to do that in ages.
memorial day

  • We Are making lots of lists of what need to happen before Mr Renn's residency starts in July.  June is proving to be a full month.  My parent's household is a busy one, with them both working full time and with my little sister in the full swing of extracurricular teenager-ness.  Everyone should live in a house with both teenagers and toddlers at least once.  It's a whole new level of insanity.
  • My kids are cute, if prone to testing limits.  Sometimes my only short-term compensation is their cuteness.  Oddly, it seems to be enough.

Kason's teeball game

Kason's teeball game

  • Sir O has taken to peeing his pants 3-5 times a day.  I'm hoping it's just a symptom of all the stress of change he's dealing with, but I'm terribly terribly glad I'm not laundromatting just now.
  • There are boxes everywhere, and despite all my organizational efforts, we still don't know (exactly) where lots of things are that we'd like to get our hands on.  It's an uncomfortable level of chaos, and we don't seem to be  able to tackle it at a satisfactory rate.  Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow....
  • Tomorrow I must choose between getting the bathroom functional and studying for my test.  Either choice requires someone else to watch my kids.  I require large chunks of completely uninterrupted time to study with any effectiveness, so can you see why progress on all fronts is slow?  

A week from now my test will be over, I'll be in the midst of the longest break I'll have ever had from my kids (and miss them like crazy I'll bet) and my littlest brother will be in the MTC.  I'd say it's going to be a big week.

And when I get back (on the 15th) then I'll officially consider myself landed in Utah.  I may even venture out to the DMV to prove it.


hairyshoefairy said...

It sounds like you have a lot going on! Crazy! But fun, I'm sure. And stressful.

I hate to say it but yeah, good call on waiting on the doc. I wouldn't wish this kind of mess on anyone. Expect maybe the people who screwed it all up for me.

My friend's mom used to read classics to her every night before bed so by the time she was in 5th grade or so she'd heard almost all of them. I think it's an awesome idea and am trying to figure out how to do it. Maybe after this month of reunions I'll have time to figure out a way to get it going in our family.

I love The Young Victoria! Pretty much everything about it.

When we had Wingnut and moved Peanut started peeing on the floor. Not cool. But yay for not laundromatting!

Amanda said...

You sound like a very busy person with lots of adventures behind and in front of you. Good luck with everything.
I wanted to let you know that with all of our moving (we've done our fair share) Dyson seemed to revert to peeing his pants for about a month every time. It usually started 2 weeks before the move and lasted for 2 weeks after. Then he got settled and started feeling a bit of normalcy(even if our life was not normal yet) and the peeing started to stop. He is still struggling with wetting at night but other than that he has adjusted.
Sir O will go back to his wonderful potty trained self soon. I just thought I would share how my oldest has been. Praise the heavens above you have a washer and dryer there and keep up the good work of motherhood. You are awesome!

Holly Dunn said...

I hear you about living in a household with both teenagers and toddlers! I am worn out! :)

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