Monday, August 02, 2010

Another First

Sir O had his first swimming lesson today.

Sir O's first swimming lesson

I've been wanting to get him in swimming lessons for months now, Sir O has an abnormal lack of fear regarding his physical limitations (is that a boy thing?) and so I've lived in terror that he would jump into the deep end of a pool when I wasn't looking.  I figured some "how to not drown" training was in order.

By the time we were remotely settled in Utah (we're still not "settled") and I could turn my brain on again, the only place I could find still accepting students was the community pool.  Pretty much it's 8 classes of 5-8 kids all going on at once.  The noise level is intense, and Sir O is easily distracted by noise.

So most of the class he was wandering off like this:

Sir O's first swimming lesson

He reminded me of the dogs in Up when they see a squirrel.

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