Thursday, August 12, 2010

Staying in the Water

Sir O's swimming lessons have been an adventure.  Somehow the 2 week period of his lessons have chosen to be an abnormally cool and windy opening of August.  Out of 7 lessons so far he's decided he's too cold to stay in the water 4 times.  Today is the last hurrah and then it's over. ( The wind seems to be gone, but the sun's not being very consistent this morning.)  So we've been spending a good chunk of lesson time watching his class from the sidelines (in tears).

swimming lessons from the sidelines

 Luckily they're not actually learning how to swim yet.  Just bubble blowing and bobbing for diving rings and playing games.  And in the meantime I get the pure entertainment of watching an older class learn how to dive off the diving board.  I suppose I am mean, but I cannot help chuckling at some of the consistent bellyflops.
Sir O keeps asking me why swimming lessons have to end today.  Despite the blue-lipped drama, he seems to be loving it.

swimming lessons from the sidelines

Go figure.


Kori said...

So fun! We finished swim lessons a few weeks ago for Grant and Lily. Grant (at age 5) is a little fish and grasped everything with no fear--this does not mean I have no fear for him! On the other hand, Lily (age 3) HATES getting her hair and face wet. The daily battles were wearing on me. I'm hoping next year will be better for her. I'm sure it will be better for Sir O, too!

aLi said...

sidenote: congrats on the new van!!! I'm congratulating you mostly for the fact that you won't be stranded. Hallelujah.

So sorry for the troubles with swim lessons. That is so draining for the parent.

Kaydee said...

We tried swim lessons with Rex too, but it did not go so well. So at least he played along for 4 lessons! Your pie looks divine...I love peach pie so we may have to give the apricot a try. I hope you are not too miserable in pregnancy. Stay cool at least the summer is coming to an end right?

Melody said...

I guess I am mean too, but the belly flops were maybe my favorite thing about being a lifeguard in high school. We miss you guys!

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