Tuesday, September 07, 2010

the gorge

We were able to squeeze in another trip up to Flaming Gorge over the long weekend, and brought my family along.
  flaming gorge

Despite being dry and desert-y, it was still a perfect release into the mountains and nature for my boys.  Clearly everybody needs to spend more time out of doors.  (If only the pregnant lady was fit to comply).

flaming gorge

Why yes, the 8 month pregnant lady in her Sunday dress DID look out of place at Red Canyon, thank you kindly.

Red Canyon

Sir O, the fearless.... luckily being restrained here by triple paned glass....

Red Canyon

We also made it to Swett Ranch, which despite being 5 minutes from Mr Renn's grandparents' house... had never once been visited (by Mr Renn or I).  It was interesting to see an intact homestead, although I kept wondering if the isolation of living on one would drive me literally insane.

Swett Ranch - corral

We introduced my family to the "Big Damburger" in Dutch John.

the big damburger - flaming gorge

And Sir O got to help make fresh salsa with a vintage meat grinder....

Sir O making salsa

Not bad for a last-second trip!

flaming gorge trip labor day '10

We're all in recovery mode this fine Tuesday.  The laundry piles are daunting and I'm very much feeling that I'm in the last month of this pregnancy.  Looking it too...  sciatica, heartburn, and the whole nine yards.


aLi said...

Emily, bless your heart. Good luck with the whole nine yards the next month or two. (Plan on 2 though, right?)

Cam said...

How many people did it take to eat the Damburger?!

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