Friday, September 17, 2010

Grandbaby Nursery

I am declaring a ceasefire on nursery projects.  I am running out of time (only 3 weeks to my due date), and I am completely out of money and energy.  But I nested!  (Yup, it IS a big deal).  So, despite the fact that I can think of about 20 more things I'd like to change or tweak or add, it's done and I'm sharing it.


I decided this was going to be a permanent fixture in my parents' home, and a place for all grandbabies to steal a nap, or nurse, or be changed, or spend the night.  I tried to find a gender-neutral color scheme (that could work with the turquoise carpet), and ended up basing most of it on Joel Dewberry's Deer Valley line in Barnwood.  In retrospect, I'd say to avoid anything remotely geometric when choosing fabric for interiors.  Lining up all those patterns to keep them looking straight was a huge pain.  Especially because they weren't printed quite straight on the actual fabric.

nursery - crib bumpers

I got the changing table and the large chair from Craigslist.  (And did my best to revive them both).  The small round table and the kid's chair were from Savers (and also altered), I bought the Bloom rocker used off of ebay, and Mr Renn and I built the footstool from a broken vanity bench my mother had in the basement.  The crib and bassinet are my parents' and have been used for all of their kids.

nursery - nursing nook

nursery - changing table

nursery - mini louis chair

I'm wanting to share all the work I did, so watch for a post or two full of projects coming up.  (With more than a handful of references to the fabulous Jenny Komenda, who is my DIY idol).  And now, you know what I've been up to instead of blogging lately!


Chantele Sedgwick said...

SO cute!! You are seriously amazing!!

Stina said...

Its beautiful! LOVE IT!! you did an amazing job! You shoudl be really proud of yourself!

Lizzie said...

Holy Cow Woman!!! You were one hard working chica. So... for you next baby, can you come nest at my house? It is so perfect! Way to go!

shelley said...

WOW. Looks so restful. I think I want to nap there.

Leith said...

That is one stunning room!!

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