Saturday, September 25, 2010


Mr Renn and Sir O are safely home, and the baby is still not here.
Relieved?  Yes.

It sounds like they had a lovely time.  Mr Renn got oodles of wood cut and stacked.

flaming gorge - splitting and stacking wood - after

Sir O caught his first fish.

Sir O fishing - 1st catch!

And our new/old table and chairs made it here safely. They are at least 102 years old.  I think they are lovely, even if they need some love.  We're good at loving furniture. (Or we will be, once we can take them back out of our storage unit in 10 months or so and start working on them).

new old chairs

I got to attend the General Relief Society Meeting tonight with my Mother-in-Law.  It was awesome.  I have been explicitly called to repentance in at least 4 ways and I don't even mind. I can't remember the last time President Monson made me laugh so much.  Make sure to watch/read/listen to it online if you missed it.  I personally vouch for it being a very worthwhile hour.

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Bryce and Miranda said...

Glad they had fun. Can't wait to hear when your little one arrives.

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