Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Game Plan

Last night I made the mistake of reading a Patricia Polacco book to Sir O.  You never saw such a pathetic mama.  I am a hot hormonal mess - a big round one.

We have arranged with my doctor that I shall have this baby this weekend, if not before.  The end is in sight, the baby is back in the birth canal where he belongs, and I am utterly exhausted.

My boys keep sneaking out of the house when they can sense I have no energy left.  Usually this results in barefoot or stocking-footed escapades in mud.  I am so looking forward to having help soon.  I am also utterly terrified of the part where the help will end, and I will be left alone with all three boys. all. day. long.

Sir O and his "golf course"
sir O and his train/golf course creation - one of our better moments today

Made my butternut soup yesterday - it's the perfect autumn supper.

Picked up some baby name books from the library - along with an armload of curious georgeness.

My hospital bags are packed, my thank-you gifts for attending doctors and nurses are wrapped (I had BETTER make it to the hospital to deliver this baby!) and I've been living out of a packed toiletries bag for two weeks now.

I've been reading Carter Beats the Devil, but reached a chapter where I know something sad is about to happen and can't force myself to keep reading.  I'm really tempted to re-read Little Women, but am worried that will make me melancholy about my non-daughter-ness.   Who am I kidding?  I'll have no brain left for reading in a few days anyway.

Inevitably, I dream every night about birthing this baby.  Usually he comes out as a full-blown 6-month-old or looking exactly like children of our friends and acquaintances.  I can tell you one thing, he is a strong little man.  When he stretches he sure lets me know who's boss.  And judging by the heartburn I've had, and the amount of pepcid it's taken to make it bearable, I'd wager that he will not come out bald.

So goes my excited, terrified little life today.  Tomorrow?  Who knows.


Lizzie said...

Oh hang in there Em. I am the queen of going overdue, so I completely know where you are coming from. The 10th can't come soon enough. :)

aLi said...

Oh Em! Lots of pity coming your way from me. Believe me, I hope all goes smoothly.

Shannon Castleton said...

I don't know if you're someone who likes to know plot complication will be worth your anxiety so mum's my word, but keep reading. Little Women will not make you happier.

Anyway, do you like Carter?

I watched Bright Star last night. Again. Loved it, again.

Up with a baby post already. :)

Can't wait for your relief and happiness. All best wishes to you.

The Libutti Family said...

Hang in there! I hold my breath each time I check your blog... the last days of pregnancy are just the worst. And I love being pregnant.
We used Baby Name Wizard and found it miraculously helpful. It will suggest boy names based on Sir O and Captain as siblings.
Good luck.

Aubrey said...

You can do it, Emily. I totally understand how miserable those last days are. I wish you still lived close. I would be taking those boys of yours for you! Can't wait to hear the news....soon.

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