Friday, October 01, 2010


Despite having said she'd be surprised if I made it until my appointment yesterday, my doctor didn't actually seem surprised at all.  I was disappointed only because I like feeling like I'm remarkable (and rarely have opportunity to).  The baby has backed out of the birth canal a little, but is still head-down, so what happens next is anybody's guess.  Just in case we were put on a waiting list to be induced on my due date (10/10).  Knowing that I won't be pregnant past a certain date makes these last days feel a bit more bearable.

HSF graciously joined me for a trek down to Provo last night to hear Nie.  Despite getting there only 10 minutes after they were supposedly going to start seating people, we got some of the last seats in the house (and that only because my cousin Jenny was saving them for us..... we sat down right as the overwhelmed seating shark began barking into the microphone that nobody was allowed to save seats.)  I think they got about twice as many people as they were expecting.  (They had seats for 1700, I'd guess there were at least 2500 people there).  The program started about 45 minutes late because they had to clear aisles through all the crowds of standing people in order to comply with fire-code.

Nie @BYU

So the attendance was intense, and the production values were .... they struggled.  The venue had dozens of stage lights that weren't used.  The stage was only lit by fluorescent light from behind the podium.  (That's about the worst way it could possibly be lit..... so if/when they release the video online it'll almost certainly look pretty crummy.)  And the cord connecting the podium computer to the large screen kept shorting out.  Luckily nobody cared much, and what we really came for was to support Nie.  I think she felt supported.  And I cried, I wasn't expecting to cry.  (I am dense and pregnant, remember).   Someday I hope to be somebody like Nie or Tollipop who everybody wants to be friends with or feel like they already are friends with.  I have a lot to learn about bridling sarcasm and narcissism.

Afterwards the parking lot was jammed, so HSF and I hit up the BYU creamery.  I can attest that the lemon sherbet rocks, and that I don't miss being a girl on BYU campus.  Way too many attractive people; real life is not like that.  (Which complex may have something to do with my forgetting to take a photo of myself and HSF that evening)

Then we drove home and stayed up way too late talking about being poor and ambitious and aesthetically minded.  That is a rare treat for a young mama.  (The talking, not so much the staying up late).

On the way home from her house, I started having contractions about 5 minutes apart and panicked a little.  It was 1:30 in the morning and I was too tired to be happy about being in labor.  But once I got home they stopped and let me sleep.  This was good, because I don't think I could have awakened Mr Renn to save my life.

That trip to Provo was the very last thing on my list of "To hopefully accomplish before baby comes."  Everything else will be frosting.  Hoping to not miss any of General Conference, and otherwise I'm just biding my time and being fully aware that babies are easier to take care of when they're on the inside.

But I think, for me, they are a wee bit easier to love when they're on the outside.  So he's welcome to join us out here too.


The Libutti Family said...

Thinking of you in these last days... so happy you have an "end date"... I always felt better knowing it would be over soon. And you are so right: they are easier to care for in the womb but when they're here, you can hug and kiss and smell them and hand them off to someone else once in a while. Bliss!

em said...

I didn't realize you were due the 10th! I ran across a blog post the other day about a project going on where they're looking for mamas like you (with a due date of 10/10/10) to make a film. More details:

It sounded a little to me like it'd be up your alley if you fit the criteria and it's not too late!

hairyshoefairy said...

Such a lovely inspiring night. I'm so happy we went. Listening to Nie was so great and I loved visiting with you. Thanks for staying up late to visit with me.

Devon said...

Oh, I think people that read your blog feel like they know you too! But what a fun experience to go. And I can't wait to see pictures of the new little guy! He's bound to be absolutely adorable (your 2 for 2 so far), so we'll wait for pictures. Happy waiting!

pepper said...

What a great due date! Sorry that now I'm really hoping you have a magical 10/10/10 baby... seriously babies with birthdays like that live super charmed lives.

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