Friday, November 26, 2010


Mr Renn is back with us, whole and sound.  With him came our computer, allowing me to return from the valley of infrequent blogging.  The holiday has been thoroughly enjoyed, and all is right with the world.

Well, all is right with the world excepting reflux.  I finally took the gentleman to the doctor over it on Tuesday, and he's got it all right.

Black Friday - The Gentleman's turkey coma

Aside from everything I didn't get to eat, and everything I ate before I realized I shouldn't have,  my Thanksgiving was near-perfect. (No milk, chocolate, legumes, or spicy food... and that's just the starter list)

I circumvented a food assignment by doing the flowers this year.  But I still had to make something when I realized I own a turkey mold pan.

thanksgiving - my turkey cornbread+ cornucopia arrangment

And nothing beats a leisurely afternoon of card games while surrounded by napping grown men who have draped themselves across the sofas.

Thanksgiving - playing hearts

What makes a holiday feel complete for you?  Knowing that I may likely be spending Thanksgiving away from family in the coming years, this year was especially sweet.  But I've got some ideas up my sleeve I'd like to try if I can manage hosting a Thanksgiving, including a scripted role-play of the First Thanksgiving (if Charlie Brown can do it, so can I).  And Mr Renn is always looking for an excuse to try smoking or deep frying a turkey.

Today should be filled with lots of Christmas music, decorating, and one little Gentleman who will scream at me all day over the food I shouldn't have eaten.  Good Times!

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Cam said...

YEA for Renn being back home!

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