Thursday, December 02, 2010


I'm trying to make this a celebratory month.  It seems like I ought to be able to find something Christmasish to do with my kids every day in December.  Actually, that would be very do-able if all of my kids were the same age.  BUT they are not.  So I've decided to try to do something Christmasish with at least Sir O every day.  He is, after all, the only one who stands a chance of remembering it.  Yesterday we watched the Joy to the World DVD during the Captain's nap.  I cried my little eyes out, and it sure wasn't because the production values were stellar.  (side note: I was actually an extra in this film, but you never see me).  Sir O was remarkably responsive compared to his typical self of late (though he now vastly prefers baby Jesus to grown-up Jesus.) Now he insists on playing Away in a Manger on repeat for hours at a time.

However, I don't want to be relying on DVD's to provide our Christmas cheer around here.

Hopefully Mr Renn and I will sit down and calendar our celebratoriness tonight.

Advent Candle - day 1

We did manage to start an advent candle last night.   The candle was 88 cents, and I made the marks myself with a metallic sharpie.  Sure beats paying $6 and having to justify it come budget day.

Our gentleman has been started on a prescription for reflux and while he still isn't sleeping much, he seems significantly more content.  I'm choosing to remain optimistic, and to baby-wear as much as my back and shoulders will let me.  (I ruined my neck and back in a car accident in high school - so I reach a point where I must put the kid down).

Gentleman's reasonably content face

All 3 boys have runny noses.  I am bracing myself for hard-times if this turns into a bad cold.  Hopefully we can still be celebratory even if we are coughing our lungs up all through the night.


hairyshoefairy said...

I think I need to wtch Joy to the World with my kids. Maybe I'll do that this weekend. I think finding ways to celebrate every day is very ambitious but such a great idea. I may attempt it as well.

Brittany said...

Oh Em you always inspire me to be more celebratory! If you find some fun (and inexpensive) things to do, let me know. I took Caleb and Ashlyn sledding and they loved it! (Although I don't think the gentleman would appreciate that very much. :) Layton Park has an awesome Christmas light display that you can drive through. We went through it 4 times and the kids were delighted the whole time! Just one more idea and then I'll end my long comment. We made gingerbread houses with Caleb this year. I put the frosting on, and he was super excited to decorate it with the candy. Just a few ideas for you! (not that you need them. :)

Katie May said...

I love those pictures of Oliver and Elliot! You're looking pretty festive to me!

Ashley said...

Em, first off, thank you for the wonderful ideas! I had every intention of doing something every day and then panicked when I realized after reading your post it is already the 2nd! whoops. Well, we will start tonight. Also, how absolutely darling is that little man??? Oh my goodness, that expression and that hair?? He is so precious.

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