Friday, January 07, 2011

A hummingbird cake for a sad little man

Our poor captain turned 2 on the heel of relentless waves of vomit.
It was not pretty.
Be glad you missed it.  (Unless you are my dad or my brother-in-law..... in which case I'm sorry for the puke on your carpets).
But even sick birthday boys must be celebrated, so (a day late) we made our first ever hummingbird cake.


The verdict?...........
Don't make a cake with nuts for people who don't like nuts.  Otherwise it was quite nice.

When I slipped out to go grocery shopping, I brought home a bunch of balloons to be celebratory.  As long as the Captain is this delighted and captivated by balloons, he will always get helium balloons with hi-float for his birthday.  It's like buying days of happiness.


I think "barely-two" might be my favorite age.  Overwhelmingly cute, sleeping through the night and feeding himself, and not yet particularly sassy.  It's all relative, I know.

birthday boy

And the 2 year well-visit verdict is..... that a vocabulary consisting entirely of "uh-huh" and "no" is nowhere near "normal".  Early Intervention is in our future.  Because I need something more to be anxious about.  At least I'll have the relief of letting someone else try to keep him from climbing on furniture for short spells.

Can you believe this kid is two?


--jeff * said...

there are few things that make me feel old like hearing how your children are growing up.
this blog has made me feel such a part of their lives, yet i still can't believe how fast the time has gone.

keep up the good work, em.

Chantele Sedgwick said...

I'm sorry he was so sick! I hope he's feeling a little better now. I've been through Early Intervention with Caden. He said "mama, dada, that, and bye bye" when he was nearly three. It helped a lot. You would never know he had a speech problem now. :)

Brittany said...

Poor Captain! He still looks precious though. Hope you are all on the mend! And no, I can't believe he is 2, and that you have a newborn! I still remember when you were first pregnant with G!

K-Krew said...

Happy Birthday Captain! And I cannot believe our boys are 2. J is in the same boat except his single word is "nana". Otherwise he just screams. Lucy was in speech for several years and it helped (everyone) immensely.

Chell said...

I can't believe he is 2, it seems like just yesterday we were taking his newborn pictures!

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