Saturday, January 22, 2011

You Should See: like Stars on Earth

I know there are some people who genuinely cannot enjoy a good Bollywood flick.  I'm just not sure why.  Usually they complain about a) the inevitable musical numbers no matter what the genre, or b) how long they are.  (I'm pretty sure they're long because of all the added musical numbers, incidentally).  Sure, Bollywood could make a good film without anyone breaking into song, but why would they want to?

Our latest favorite was "Like Stars on Earth" telling the story of a little boy learning to overcome a learning disability. Sure the soundtrack and teary-eyed close-ups were manipulative, but I think the mother in me would have cried anyway.  AND I sat through the whole thing and I never sit through entire movies anymore.   So pardon the heavy handed emotive moralizing in it and try it out.  And if it's your first Bollywood just know you're in for some culture shock.  In a fun way; just go with it.  Watch the trailer here.

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