Thursday, March 17, 2011

luck - the kind you make

As revealed by my frantic facebook postings, I entered St. Patrick's day unprepared.  Renn had not been able to find chocolate gold coins at Winco where we'd seen them before, and I found myself lacking ingredients and adequate time for the recipes I'd planned to attempt.  (Because, uh, corned beef takes a week to make).

So after sending Sir O off to preschool this morning, I decided to pull myself up by the bootstraps and make it a festive holiday anyway.  I figure this is the year Sir O will start remembering things, and I've got to put at least a little pressure on myself to make some good memories (and traditions) for him.  To put myself in the spirit I decked my face out with rainbow eyes.  (It worked)

rainbow eyes for St Patrick's Day

Then I hustled off with the younger boys to Wally World in a desperate attempt to round up festivity in a cart and return home before Sir O got out of preschool.  (We beat him by 2 minutes).

I threw some green into lunch by giving the boys a large serving of edamame with their corndogs.  Such a balanced meal.

corndogs and edamame for lunch

I then turned into a mad woman in the kitchen.  I thought distracting the Captain with a cupcake would be a good idea.  I thought wrong.

red velvet cupcake massacre

But in a few short hours I managed to pull together a roast that sort of resembled corned beef and cabbage.

faux corned beef and cabbage dinner

And construct a lazy-version of a rainbow cake.  I combined this idea with this to make it not take 40 hours.  I wanted to experiment with ombré frosting, and I love how it turned out!

ombre st patty's day cake

rainbow cake

I also put together a rather slap-dash leprechaun treasure hunt.  If you want to spend a few minutes laughing at Sir O you can watch it here and here.

rainbow+gold treats(+gratuitous balloons)

And now that I've run myself borderline-ragged, I'm signing off.  Like so much of blogdom I'm spending tomorrow in silence.

It's hard to know what to do in times like these.  I personally can't spend much time glued to news or I get so emotionally wasted that I can't function for my three little men.  But I am re-learning what it means to have a prayer in my heart always.  A constant, constant dialogue is brewing between God and me.  Mostly He lets me talk and occasionally reminds me that death is not the great tragedy that we think it is, and that our mortal suffering is finite, whereas Christ's was infinite in scope.  We should do everything we can, but ultimately, He's got the whole, wide world in His hands.


hairyshoefairy said...

I love the rainbow eyes! You're so festive! We wore green. :D

The Libutti Family said...

Amen, Em. Amen. And I, for one, greatly appreciate the effort you put into making a fun holiday for the boys. You're an inspiration!

aLi said...

Em you are so gosh darn cute. The rainbow eyes?!? Wow, that is sure to get me in the festive mood!!! So cute!!! Good job hustling til you ran yourself ragged (or whatever word you used, hee hee)...
Thanks for all your cute comments on my blog, I felt very loved!!! :D Or at least concerned about! :) Thanks Em!!!

Angela said...

Amazing! You are a serious overacheiver!

pepper said...

Wow what a great holiday, lucky thing my kids don't know how good it can be, love love love the rainbow eyes, I may just try that one out next year!

Carolanne said...

The Captain's cake face is priceless! I figured dressing my boys in green was festive enough. I briefly toyed with the idea of making green eggs and ham, but my two year old barely eats normal looking food. You put me to shame!

The Perry family said...

Love the festivity and the truth in the last paragraph. Thanks for sharing!

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