Monday, April 25, 2011

Christos Anesti

Dang, good day.

Easter peeps

We woke the kiddos up before the sun so we could attend Mr Renn's niece's baby blessing. It was kind of a bumpy way to start an Easter Sunday, but it bought us a half-hour when we got home wherein we could find hidden baskets and psych ourselves up for our impending 2 hours in nursery. (We had 17 kids yesterday, it was wild)

Easter peeps

Easter peeps

Then the traditional shin-dig at my Grandmother's house. We call her G.G. (for Great Grandma, it seems to be sticking).

Easter peeps

Easter peeps

Where my brother made a BIG announcement. I love it when a day ends with family, cake and ultrasounds.



Brittany said...

Oh my goodness, the Captain's outfit is darling! What a nice (and busy, and exciting) day!

hairyshoefairy said...

What a lovely family photo! I'm totally digging the seersucker. I'm also betting it wasn't just 17 kids at nursery but 17 kids who were hopped up on scads of Easter candy sugar. Whee! I'm relieved you survived.

Devon said...

Cute cute boys in their Easter clothes! I love the family picture! And this is when you remember that we'd LOVE it if we had 17 kids in nursery long as they come with parents! ;)

K-Krew said...

Great family photo. Your boys are adorable in their Easter outfits.
How are you liking your camera?

Ginnie said...

Did someone get a new camera?! Your pictures are all so fabulous! :)

--jeff * said...

dang happy it was a dang good day.

and maybe it's starting to sound repetitive, but i'll only stop praising your photography when it stops being good: you're shots are a family record that will be look upon for generations.

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