Sunday, April 10, 2011

keeping it holy

Between my cough of death and the Captain's bout of middle-of-the-night-puking, we opted to stay home from church and not share germs today.  But being home all day on a Sunday is tricky.  My kids get bored, and a lot of their usual boredom cures just aren't appropriate for the Sabbath.  (You know, watching a gazillion episodes of Blues Clues, racing up and down halls hollering, jumping off of furniture...)  So poor Sir O, who was only half-way sick, needed us to come up with something for him to do today.
I love it when Mr Renn is home when these sort of conundrums come up.  Here's what they came up with.

salt-dough temple

It's a model of the Bountiful Temple, where we were married.
(disclosure: my child dressed himself today, and had bedhead until 7:30pm  I'm too sick to care)

salt-dough temple

Any other ideas for Sabbath keeping with small kids?


hairyshoefairy said...

That's an awesome idea! We have a hard time coming up with Sabbath-appropriate activities for our kids, too. Play dough or Gak is usually good around here.

aLi said...

aw shucks. Now I just like you guys even more. :)

Angela said...

Someone has some mad play dough skills! I'm impressed!

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