Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekend Recap: put a fork in me

An awful lot had to happen to get me through the last 7 days. I am still decompressing a bit.

On Wednesday I had to pull some strings and ask a few favors in order to pick up my first "order" from the wholesaler. Then I had to pull some more strings to drive back and pick up the parts of my order they forgot the first time. That's called learning the hard way to double check everything before you drive home.

wip Wed

I got everything soaking in a hydraplus solution and got my workstation set up. I then spent most of Thursday gluing corsages and boutonnieres. (And making a mess of my mother's basement)

my disaster work area

I made 4 bouquets, 9 boutonnieres, and 4 corsages. Written like that it doesn't sound like much, but it took a fair number of hours for me to get them done, thanks in large part to interruptions from my littles. (It's okay, that's my full-time, all-the-time job)

gentleman cooperating

I spent Thursday night helping to set up a church gym. I got home super late.

Amber's reception

Amber's wedding

And Friday I woke up to Sir O puking. That is always a lovely way to start one's day. Luckily all I had left for the wedding was finishing touches, and the actual reception. I may have eaten a cakeball or twelve after forgetting to eat dinner. (Hmm..... that sounds good right about now)



Amber's wedding

Friday was also the day we realized my antibiotics for fighting my sinus infection were also giving our gentleman thrush. Just to complicate my life, really.


Saturday has meant gluing ribbon on the flowers for the temple ceremony/pictures, completing two arrangements for a charity auction, seeing my little sister off on her first date/prom, cleaning up the unholy mess I had made, and attending said auction/carnival. My kids consumed their weight in sugar. And were hilarious and happy until bedtime. Bedtime was sort of like wrestling greased pigs into bed.



This little man attempted his first night in a twin bed tonight.  He makes me laugh every single day.  I wish everyone were so lucky.

capt at carnival


Angela said...

Oh. my. goodness! All of that is amazing, intense, beautiful, stressful, and awesome all at once. The flowers are gorgeous with just the right amount of whimsy. The kids are darling, although I'm sure you could live without the puking and the thrush...oh how I loathe both. All the way around, way to keep it together and create so much beauty.

Leith said...

Em, you continue to amaze me with how much you get done, even though you have three super active little ones. You are an inspiration lady. Oh and your flowers - gorgeous!

hairyshoefairy said...

Em, your decoration and arrangements are beautiful!! You did such a nice job!

I'm sorry about the thrush. :S Not fun at all.

--jeff * said...

awesome, em. absolutely awesome.
nice work with the flower and decorations; it looked fantastic.

and bonus on getting mileage out of your new camera; your photographs are excellent!

Em said...

Thanks Jeff - that means a lot coming from you. I'm still learning, but I'm determined to keep improving.

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