Wednesday, May 18, 2011

lift off

A certain gentleman around these parts insists on racing through his babyhood.  Suddenly all he can think about is going places.  He has the audacity to pull himself up on all fours and scoot.

sunshine boy getting mobile

I cannot keep up at this pace.  How about if we switch places?   It can be my job to lay around all day, and you can do all the hustling?  Something tells me that wouldn't quite work out.  So, my baby, do your job and SLOW DOWN.  We are not in a position to fill your position (baby) as quickly as you're bent on vacating it.

sunshine boy getting mobile

And trust me, someday having nothing to do but lay around, smile, and look cute will sound like a pretty good gig.


hairyshoefairy said...

How is he old enough to be scooting! Make him stop! He's still too little for this to be happening! What a cute, cute boy.

Aubrey said...

He is growing so quickly.... and your photos are looking great! What a sweet subject.

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