Sunday, May 01, 2011


My grandpa has a garden-full of tulips. Years ago he planted the bulbs extra deep so that he can just till and plant his kitchen garden on top of them once they're done for the year. I'm told that people stop to look all the time, it's certainly an unexpected and cheerful wash of color when one is cruising down Main Street in Farmington. My mother told us that we needed to find time to visit it last weekend while it's still in it's prime.  We made the briefest of drive-by visits, but still; lovely lovely. As close to the Keukenhof as we're likely to get this year.

gpa's tulips

gpa's tulips

gpa's tulips


Brittany said...

Wow! That's like a little piece of heaven on earth! I may be making that drive myself this week! :)

Deena said...

We went to Keukenhof earlier this month. It was amazing.

I love the idea of doing this in your yard. Way better than just lining a few in my flower beds.

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