Thursday, June 02, 2011

cake lady

Craziness still abounds in my corner.  Our days are full of un-fun ventures like choosing private health insurance. I made some Strawberry Rhubarb pie today in a miniature effort to make my life seem fun.  My grandma has an ancient volunteer rhubarb plant that has lived at her house longer than she has.  I have lots of memories of picking rhubarb and chewing it raw (sour!) as a child.  So it should not surprise me that all of my children enjoy sucking on lemons.  My pie today was excellent, but it was made in a hurry and not quite pretty enough for pictures.  I froze one pie filling, so if the last pie is pretty enough when I make it, I will share my most excellent recipe post haste.  Those willing to accept a recipe without a picture are welcome to file a complaint with my vanity department.

mango tres leches cake

But you know what was pretty?  The Mango Tres Leches Cake I made for enrichment last week.  And it was yummy too.  And mangos are in-season and on sale most places.  So go make one and tell me how it compares with the last tres leches cake you ate.  Because I was impressed. (And I just substituted extra heavy cream for the alcohol.  I don't happen to have any lying around.)


Carolanne said...

Your pretty photo requirement makes me laugh, but I can't say I haven't done the same thing. My husband and I ate a whole pudding pie last week because it didn't look nice enough to take to a dinner party.

hairyshoefairy said...

Ooh! The mango tres leches cake is sure pretty! I don't think I've ever knowingly tasted a tres leches cake. If they're pretty as this one I'm giving one a try the next time I see one.

--jeff * said...

i love me some good rhubarb deserts.... : )

i've got a friend that bake things with during our occasional free time here. we've done all manner of chocolate. i think i'll grab your mango tres leche recipe and get back to you on that.

h.s.f., you owe it to yourself as part of your experience on earth to try a tres leches cake.

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