Thursday, June 09, 2011

A happy sadness

Today/Tomorrow (Friday) we are headed south to celebrate an "angel-versary".  It's been 1 year since baby Jonas was delivered as a still-birth, and it seems like an important time to help his family develop some peace-filled traditions.


When I spoke with his mom back in March she told us that when she was initially grieving the loss of getting acquainted with Jonas' personality in this life, she received a distinct impression that Jonas loves chocolate and baseball.  So guess what I'm bringing to the party?  These are Rose Levy Beranbaum's Designer Chocolate Baby Grands covered in almond bark.  Because chocolate ganache and glaze, while decadent, cannot be made to look like a baseball.  And that was important here.
If anyone else out there is looking for ways to be supportive of friends and loved ones who are enduring such a loss, this is a great resource.  For our gathering we'll be releasing balloons with letters to Jonas, and painting his name on rocks and anything else that falls in our wake.  Also, everyone present gets to blow out a birthday candle.  Hopefully this is the start of something good, if sad.


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