Monday, June 20, 2011

hop on pop

Father's day was lovely and largely unorthodox in our corner.  Mr Renn managed to be showered with gifts, but not so much with attentiveness.  There was no special meal preparation by this lady.  Um, oops?  My brain isn't working so well with the threat of the impending "wedding/move/wedding" crunch.  The to-do list constantly running through my head is long and complex enough to scare off any constructive linear thoughts or thoughtfulness.  Among other unfortunate effects this means I didn't pull out the camera until late at night when the kids had been put to bed.  No cute photo of Mr Renn and the boys all in matching bow-ties.  Use your imagination for me, will you?

I still dare to hope that will improve in a matter of weeks.

In the meantime. Mr Renn has a shiny new ice cream maker and an iron to brand his steaks with.  Dreamy, I know.

father's day

We got to visit with Mr Renn's family and celebrate his dad a bit, and my own dad is off celebrating his 30th anniversary and traipsing about ancient ruins in central America.  I can only trust he had a good Father's day and will not be too disappointed if we have to celebrate him upon his return.  I just hope he packed plenty of sunscreen and imitrex.

And now, due to the brain problem described above, all I can think about are the nearly 300 origami cherry blossoms I have to get wired tomorrow.  You don't want to follow me there, so I'll graciously end this post.  Now.

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