Thursday, June 30, 2011

stop and smell

In the midst of an abundance of craziness and abnormal levels of stress, our little Gentleman has taken to reminding us to slow down, and that life cannot be put on hold until ____ is over.  We may be up to our eyebrows in boxes and tape and missing (?!) sharpies, but he's going to choose this moment to start crawling anyway.  I'm learning (slowly) to be more fully present even when my lists and my brain are looking long and daunted.  I suppose that's part of how motherhood is teaching me to be more like God.  Not too many years ago I would have been significantly more hyperventilation-prone through this process than I am today.  But, judging by my snappy mom voice in this clip, I've still got a lot of learning to do.

Early tomorrow morning we ride, and officially change addresses.  It's actually a messy convoluted gypsy-like weekend we have ahead of us, but for all intents and purposes today is the last where I call my parent's house "home."

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