Thursday, July 21, 2011


Mr Renn's sister married into the latin-est of latin families.  So far my favorite perk from this arrangement has been  learning how to make this limeade from her husband Tito.  Before when I'd make limeade I'd use 3-8 limes, which made it seem extravagant.  But this method uses only 1 lime for 2 quarts of limeade.  It doesn't taste exactly the same, but in it's own way it's still awesome.  And when it only uses 1 lime, I feel like I can make it all the time.  We rarely leave the grocery store without a bag of limes anymore.  And it's so simple!

The goods:

1 lime, ends removed
1/2 to 1 cup of sugar, to taste
2 quarts water.


The "why didn't i think of that?" directions:

Blend lime, sugar, and as much of the water as will comfortably fit in your blender until the lime is flying around in little tiny pieces.  Pour through the finest mesh strainer you own, or a cheesecloth into a pitcher.  Add any additional water/sugar to taste, remembering it's always easier to add water or sugar than to take it away.  If you want to get all fancy you can add fresh pineapple or fresh raspberries to your blender (although straining pureed raspberries is always a pain).


It's good, it's fast, and it's cheaper than using half a dozen limes.  We pretty much drink it every day.


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