Friday, July 29, 2011

Wherein Mr Renn undertakes a life of perpetual projects

With his abbreviated work schedule and increased expectation of home and family time, Mr Renn has declared that he needs "projects".   I am nothing if not accomodating.


chair refinishing

The list of projects is already far exceeding our project budget, so the going is slow.  We are most excited to get to work restoring the antique dining set we inherited from Renn's grandparents, but while we wait for the funds to purchase the leather to cover those seats, we are moving ahead with two other dining chairs that somehow survived the move from PA.  (Only because they were already disassembled and could be made to fit in small odd spots.)  They had been off-white with a green gingham tweed seat that was covered in plastic.  None of these three statements were in terribly impressive condition.

chair - before

 We experimented with a metallic spray paint for the frames (verdict is still out) and I chose a (cheap) and easy to clean vinyl to cover them (see budget issues above).

chair after

 We figured these would make for a simple enough project to get our project-mindedness off to a good start.  You should see our house full of makeover destined furniture, we need all the momentum we can muster.

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