Tuesday, August 23, 2011

the lost boy


 We've been focusing on our Captain's speech of late.  When he was tested for articulation, he was in the 1st percentile for his age.  So many sounds are so tricky for him to make.  His little mouth can't seem to cooperate and keep up with his vocabulary.  I have a stack of worksheets that we are supposed to work through 3 times each day (sometimes we manage that), and he's started attending an articulation group with similarly delayed kids.

Because I needed more on my plate.... or something.

But you know what he can say, loud and clear?  B.Y.U.  It's hilarious.  And no, we didn't train it into him.  We just drive by the Y on the mountain often enough, and everytime they see it the boys chant "BYU, BYU".  I'm guessing that one of the gracious people that helped tend my kids during our move taught them that trick.

He can count to 10 in Captain-ese.  If you know what he's doing then you can totally understand him.  Which may mean that nobody but me totally understands him when he does it.  The same probably stands true of his letter and color recognition and hourly insistence that "Sir O doed dat" or that "I Big Boy".   He tries so stinking hard, and look at that little face.  How can I not squish him and kiss his head off?

We're making progress folks, and I cannot wait to hear all he has to say.

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