Saturday, September 10, 2011

a first word

This is kind of a big deal for me....

a first word.... sort of

Other than his given name, this is Sir O's first attempt at writing a word on his own.
When he showed it to me I was ecstatic.
Nevermind that what he meant to write was "CLOSED" and that "KOST" isn't close enough to that for me to guess it.  He still did it of his own volition.  It was in reference to his "art creation station" where he'd been churning out drawings of tractor-trailers all afternoon.  He had to close it for a dinner break, and ever since he proclaimed that "art-ing" was his job around here, he takes his art production very seriously.  (If you'll remember, his job is "art-ing", Mr Renn's job is to be a dentist, and my job is to keep the babies safe.) (I don't think he yet comprehends the scope of my job..... neither do I.)

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