Saturday, October 08, 2011

Let's Play Music

Sir O has begun taking music classes, and I think they're brilliant.

o playing the bells

Our neighbor across the street is a teacher for the program called Let's Play Music, and it was clearly constructed by really smart people who know so much about music theory and child psychology that their brains must have exploded from genius overload by now.  The premise is teaching children principles of music through play, and it seems to be a magnificent match for Sir O and his overwhelming personality.  With my imperfect grasp of music theory myself, I get overwhelmed when I think of all the concepts they've already introduced, but Sir O doesn't get overwhelmed one bit, because to him it is all games and play.  Singing major scales and bouncing around with solfeggio signs, it's impressive. I must find a way to make this genius concept work for me in other arenas.  Think I can fool him into a rousing game of "make your bed and brush your teeth"?

 o playing the bells

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