Tuesday, September 06, 2011

On the Town

a real date

 Last week I tried my hardest to be a spontaneous and fun wife. Entropy, of course, kicked me in the teeth for it and sucked 45% of the fun out of it. BUT I still give myself points for effort.

a real date

I surprised Mr Renn with tickets to a matinee of Mary Poppins, secured last second and at a steep discount. That was the fun and spontaneous part. Finding someone to take our kids on such short notice - proved akin to gouging my own eyeballs out.  Next time I shall be smarter and not be quite so very spontaneous with my spontaneity.  But those who did take our kids and allow us our first date in 3 months, you are on our official shortlist of people we gush over at our house.

a real date

And, Mr Renn seemed perfectly impressed by his first professional musical experience. His favorite part was the set/stage and the incredibly speedy set changes. The mechanics and craftmanship of it all had him a little starry eyed. I guess anything can happen if you let it......

I kind of wanted to stay afterward to get our photo with Mary Poppins and post it to their facebook page. But we were responsible and bolted the moment the curtain fell to relieve our lovely babysitters. Times and Seasons, I tell myself.

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