Friday, October 28, 2011

Mini pumpkin doughnuts with maple glaze

If it's possible, these tasted even better than they sound.  My glazing abilities were thwarted by trying to transport the doughnuts and glaze separately and then assemble on site.  So it turned into more of an icing.  But a yummy one!

I used this recipe from Taste and Tell, and since Mr Renn couldn't find maple extract in stock when he ran errands, we substituted 2 TBSP maple syrup and reduced the milk a little.  (But based on how thick it turned out, I wish I had added more milk, so there.)

I also only have a mini-doughnut pan and I doubled the recipe, so we ended up with over 100 doughnuts.

Once they were glazed (iced) I only got to taste one, they disappeared so fast!

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