Monday, October 24, 2011

pink and gold baby shower

The past week has been full of preparations for a baby-shower for my sister-in-law.  My parents are finally getting a granddaughter, and are over the moon.  My mom asked me to help her throw this shower, and I did my best to make it thorough and lovely without over-committing myself.  I only failed a little, all things considered.


I went with pumpkins, it being so close to Halloween.  But being a baby shower, I went with gold, sparkly pumpkins.  And lots of pink.  Still, there is only so much you can do to make a church classroom with fluorescent lighting feel lovely.  (And it was on the North side of the building, I was so hoping to rescue things with natural light.)


But because I worked as hard as I did on this party, I'm inclined to share my favorite parts of it.   Which are inevitably dessert items.  A couple of recipe posts to follow.  You'll thank me.

baby shower


baby shower - games

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