Tuesday, November 08, 2011

How the Springville Art Museum saves my bacon (a Thankful post)

I am trying to take advantage of everything my new hometown has to offer. Maybe not "everything", but certainly anything I find out about that is 1. kid-friendly, and 2. free. As such, my kids are by now quite enamored with the fire station, library, and the Springville Museum of Art.


It is absolutely the most kid-friendly art museum I've ever dreamed of encountering.  They have Family Nights the first Monday of each month, and we've loved them when we've been organized enough to attend.  November's involved a mime and a stained-glass artist.  The boys loved the mime but got antsy during the stained glass demonstration, so I took them for a walk (Captain riding on my shoulders = workout!) where they got excited over every cow, horse, dog, train, and child in the art.

Then they had a stained-glass-inspired coloring activity for the kids.  The Captain was tired and indifferent, but Sir O was captivated.  He's been terribly into coloring lately; (I think his preschool teacher has been praising his coloring skills, and his ego's all wrapped up in his art.) this activity was perfect for him.  He cranked out 7 impressive pages in the time it took me to finish one.  (Granted, I had to chase the Captain a few times).


He's been asking me about every 10 minutes when he can go back to the museum.  The good news?  We'll be there later this week for family photos.  The bad news?  He has to wait until next month for the next Family Night.   But I am excited to take him to see the Children's Art Christmas exhibit.  Seeing children's art exhibited so legitimately is bound to make for a very motivated, art-making-machine of a Sir O.  I cannot tell a lie, I love it when that happens.

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