Wednesday, December 14, 2011

baby steps

This little gentleman is funny.  Experience has taught him to be oh-so-cautious.  And so while we've gotten a random step or two out of him in tiny spurts over the last month, there's never been anything consistent. Certainly nothing I could capture.  Granted, he spontaneously stands and sits and squats without support, and practically jumps in place sometimes.  But somehow, last night, he decided his legs were sturdy enough to try some movement; over and over.  He refused to go to bed, and we were getting frustrated with him until he busted these moves out.  This video is after the 2nd attempt at putting him to bed.  He would just holler eternally, "I'm not ready for sleeping, I'm ready to WALK PEOPLE!!!"

I guess he meant it.  Made for a fun night around these parts.  That and Mr Renn's mad gingerbread house skills.  Photos of that adventure forthcoming.

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