Monday, December 05, 2011

bright and shining

Improve the shining moments.  Don't let them pass you by.......


Somehow I've been blessed with an abnormal swell in shining moments lately.  My kids have been cute and gracious (if overly sensitive) and I've been more patient than usual.  I've been blessed with a phase of myopic observation I guess.  I notice every cute and tender face, expression, act and question that my kids parade before me lately.  And I spend a lot of time just observing them with a passive kind of wonder.  Wowee, they are full fleshed-out spirits and my goodness their cheeks are soft and round.  (And yes, their eyelashes are always an over-the-top mommy bonus).  I notice when they screw their mouths into mauve rosettes and when they light up at the prospect of my undivided attention.  I watch them slip into sleepy comas and their faces beam with contentment and their lax bodies loudly proclaim that they feel safe and secure in their little lives and the little worlds they are constructed within.


 I have been exceptional at hugs and cuddles lately.  And I beg a hug and kiss from the Captain every time he bounds into my lap.  Someday he'll stop showering the world with them, and I have to stock up.

I still struggle like crazy to meet everyone's needs and still run an actual household.  The cleaning and the cooking and the perpetual cycle of getting 4 bodies ready every day and each night is always more than I can successfully juggle.  There are always lots of things that get left undone.  And they always bother me.

But for a few days at least, I've been able to be more grateful than bothered.  And more present.  Somehow when you manage to be present there are golden moments in a terribly rich abundance.  So many gifts wrapped up so thoughtfully in each day.


And maybe if I write this down, I will read it someday when I need it.  And I'll be able to get into this groove for another spell of days and love every minute of it all over again.

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