Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Stories: Nine Days to Christmas


When Sir O's preschool teacher asked me to take a turn reading a Christmas story to his class, my immediate reaction was to choose Nine Days to Christmas. It's the perfect blend of culture and festivity and narrative, and we love it around here.  It's a cute introduction to the Mexican custom of Christmas Posadas, and centers around a very special star-pinata.

Christmas Stories

Because I was supposed to bring a stocking stuffer associated with my book, sir O and I set about making mini star-ornament-faux-pintatas.  Other than the 2 times I burned my fingers with the hot glue gun, it was a really easy and fun project.

I bought a tube of mini plastic gold ball ornaments, and a pack of gold birthday crowns at the party store.

9 days to Christmas ornaments

I used the points on the crowns to make conical points for the stars. (Use hot glue, not craft glue, fyi).

9 days to Christmas ornaments

Then I cut and folded slits to make a flat-ish surface to glue against the ornaments.

9 days to Christmas ornaments

5 cones for each star. They were not perfect, but for a project with a preschooler for a sidekick, I thought they were absolutely adequate.  And the kids in his class loved them, which is the most important part, right?

9 days to Christmas ornaments

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