Friday, March 02, 2012

The best present I ever gave Mr Renn

hot water bottle

Around Christmas time I spotted this lovely in the clearance section at  TJMaxx. I thought of it as a gag-gift only.  I passed it over without a thought.   Then I noticed on the subsequent 3 nights that I toss and turn for an unnecessary hour or two after I 've gone to bed because my feet are cold and take ages to warm up.  Once they are warm, I actually fall asleep with little trouble.  PLUS - it is a pet peeve for Mr Renn when I bump into him with my cold feet and it jolts him awake.  So I went back and retrieved the hot water bottle from the clearance bin and gave it to Mr Renn as a Christmas present.  It might have seemed like a joke - but it's been awesome for both of us.  Most evenings I put some water on to boil and get it as hot as I can, then fill her up.  My feet are able to warm up in minutes instead of hours, and between the thick rubber and the faux fur the thing stays warm all through the night.  My quality and quantity of sleep have both improved markedly. We're beginning to wonder how we ever got by without it.  (You can find a similar one here).

hot water bottle

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