Thursday, November 01, 2012

Baby Girl's tiny nursery

This is the part where I say "good enough".  This room is not "finished" per se.  There is some box-pleated trim that will arrive who-knows when (thanks Sandy) to be sewn onto the bottom of the crib skirt, and someday when she's finished moving (and not killing her kids in the process) the HSF has committed to designing one of my favorite quotes into a typographical masterpiece, which I hope to have printed on a canvas and then hung above the dresser.  But if I wait around for either of those we shall not get photos of the nursery taken before we have a baby to take care of and forget about the whole thing.

So - the nursery.  This is the tiniest bedroom in a house of disproportionately small bedrooms.  So photographing it is kind of impossible.


I started the whole process with rug shopping.  Because there is an indefinite embargo on importing persian rugs, all the ones already in the country tend to sell for rather inflated prices.  After emotionally losing 3 ebay auctions I gave up on that and managed to get a Keisari Kilim for just around $100.   The colors were quite a bit different from the photo online, so it's good that I waited to have it in my hot little hands before I proceeded to plan the rest of the room. (I know some people think rugs in carpeted rooms are some kind of faux-pas, but when you're dealing with builder-grade carpet this bad it really needs to be covered up with something less dismal.)


I bought plain, mint colored faux silk drapes and added the embroidered and velvet trims.  I'd like to line these some day so that they hang with more weight, but since I have a blackout shade behind them it's hard to justify tackling that project just yet.

I tried to incorporate as much original art as possible in the room.


I got the antique pencil drawing of the baby pram and the charcoal of the man off of ebay.


The art-nouveau woman and the Outhwaite are prints.  All the art is in ikea frames spray-painted gold, mounted on top of mat board that I cut to size; because custom framing was not in the budget.


The large canvas was my experiment.  It's made with melted crayon, and I have a separate post about it coming up.


Mr Renn's labor of love was the miniature dresser.  When we bought it, it had about 6 bad paint jobs layered on it, and he stripped it down enough to stain it.  There's a little trifold vanity mirror that goes on top, but it's not finished yet, and probably won't be added until we're done with the "changing table" stage anyway.  I'm still shopping for new hardware for this piece, but not feeling terribly urgent about it.


The lamp is from Urban Outfitters.  I outfitted it with a plug-in dimmer that hangs out on the rocking chair.  It's been my experience that dimmers are a must with new babies.


The Crib bumper is by Bella Notte (ebayed) and I had the piping switched out from white to mint.  (That was an ordeal and a half.  I owe someone cookies every day for a year.)


The crib skirt is light pink and white striped and is by Pottery Barn Kids.  Maybe someday when I finish trimming it out I'll have a picture that shows it better.  The sheepskin and side table are from the last nursery I nested in.   The room is not perfect, but I still rather like it as a whole. So does everyone else.  I'm constantly finding the boys sneaking in here to have a quiet moment (and arrange blankets and stuffed animals in the crib).  I've got my scriptures chilling on the side table, so I try to have my personal devotionals in here most days.  I feel like it gives me a moment to bond with this probably-girl-child who likes to dance in my belly all night long.


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