Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Improve the shining moments

In between manic moments, Sir O has some truly sparkly ones.  There are occasionally pros to having such a large personality in a small body.

He has decided that he might be able to put this "reading and writing" thing to use.   He hasn't really made the connection between reading, writing, and storytelling, but he has decided that writing is an acceptable form of communication.


And so occasionally he will find me doing my busy mama-beaver thing somewhere in the house and ask for my help spelling something he finds tricky.  Whenever this child has a genuine desire to create something rather than destroy something I light up inside.  And so a phase of finding stories and sentences around the house has begun.


Simultaneously, Mr Renn has caught a storytelling bug.  He tricked Sir O into watching Bedtime Stories last week, and every night since then the boys have been begging for Mr Renn to tell a "make-up story" before bed.  So far they are very pirate-oriented, and delightful.


If I can get these two phenomena to converge I will be over the moon.  I wish I could commit more of my energy to making that happen.

But as it is things like dishes, laundry, and the kitchen floor eat me alive.  And then, when I think I'm going to be caught up for a moment I find toothpaste smeared all over every unfortunate surface imaginable  and suddenly I'm drowning again.  Times and seasons, right?  Well I think I'm going to be in this "drowning" season for a good while yet.

At least there are some sparkly moments down here under the water.

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