Saturday, November 03, 2012

last call

Home stretch.

My body can't keep up with anything right now - least of all the loose ends that ought to be tied up before this baby is here.  I am wondrously slow and fatigued.  I feel like I'm swimming through my days in a dream.  My thinking is so fuzzy that calling this a "brain fog" feels like a humorous understatement.  I'm kind of a mess.

I've arrived at that point right before giving birth where I lose my ability to be flexible and problem solve; the point where unmet expectations become catastrophic no matter what their scale.

I was supposed to have my last doctor's appointment yesterday.   Mr Renn and I were also supposed to go and vote early because we'll be otherwise engaged come election day.  And so, allowing 30-40 minutes for the ordeal, we stopped by our early voting location with the Captain and Gentleman in tow.


We waited two . hours .  They were handing out leftover halloween candy to people once they got toward the front of the line.  Both our boys ate king sized Snickers and were coated in chocolate by the time we made it to the polls.  The kid games I keep sneaking onto Mr Renn's iphone proved invaluable.

During this time I called my Doctor's office to see if they thought I ought to skip voting in order to make it to my appointment. (Polls would be closed by the time I got back.)  AND I had to find someone to retrieve Sir O after school.  All kind of comical if you're in a regular frame of mind, but I'm in a crazy place right now.  It stressed me out almost to tears.  Luckily my doctor was fine with me no-show-ing her for the sake of voting.  If I didn't already have a gift wrapped up for her I'd go and get her one right now.

So, friends, Monday morning bright and early we shall see about having a baby.  Induction looks exceedingly likely yet again, unless my water breaks over the weekend.  We are accepting prayers for a safe delivery and success in naming this child.

My twitter feed and facebook wall ought to have breaking news, check in on us there until we are organized enough to post the happenings here.  Let's see if this is really a girl that God has in store for us.

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