Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Life Indoors

Life is good.
If rather sleep deprived.

The boys love their baby sister like she was a superstar.  We call her Bunny when she cries.


She almost never cries, unless it is between 11pm and 4am.  She does all of her crying then.  It's kind of unfortunate for her mother.  But it's convenient for everyone else.

Mr Renn says she has an abundance of facial expressions already; including a few elusive gassy smiles that hint at wonderfulness to come.


I am tired and sore and frantic and rather content.  Yes, all at once.  I look forward to the hours Sir O is at school a little too much.  It's just nice to have a few moments when the entropy subsides.

I don't know how I ever did this without a stack of gauze swaddling blankets in my arsenal.  They are saving me, and keeping our baby Bunny content and pleasant and oftentimes asleep.  I think I'll try to share the world's best swaddling technique, as I learned it from a dental school friend.  Just need someone to hold the camera, right?


There is absolutely no chance of playing the "sleep when your baby sleeps" game this time around.  Since all 4 of my children require adult supervision when they are awake, and there is at best a 3 hour consecutive window of time when they are all asleep, I am careening toward some kind of a burnout.  Maybe over Thanksgiving weekend I will catch a nap?

This is when we all realize why God makes newborns a little bit intoxicating.  We'd never survive them otherwise.



Kaydee said...

Emily. Love her. She is beautiful and I love the pic with her and sir O. I hope you are surviving.

Lacey said...

she is beautiful em! i am so happy you got a girl. and the no sleep thing, it will get better, right? i think this must be when the real aging happens, when you get, like you said, maybe 3 hours of consecutive sleep or less. all worth it though for these intoxicating babies!

Martha said...

I remember those sleepless nights with Teddy. He was the same way - he'd sleep at all the right times all day long, but would be wide away crying between 10 pm and 3 or 4 am. James was on a ridiculous rotation right then, so his alarm would go off around the time I finally made it to sleep, waking me up, after which CJ would then wake up for the day! I was lucky to get 2-3 hours of sleep a night during the month of May. Thankfully, I only had CJ, who still took 2 hour naps with Mommy and loved watching Disney's Cars - I was most grateful for that 1-1/2 show that entertained my 2 year old while Mommy and Baby slept.

During those late, tearful, sleepless nights, I kept praying, "Please, just help me get through these weeks. I know it gets better. Help me get just enough sleep to keep me from getting too deeply depressed and from being such a mean mommy!" We made it through - though I still have my days where "mean mommy" comes growling out once again.

Thankfully, they are such cute kids and have just enough sweet moments that melt mommy's heart! :)

Thinking of you!

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