Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I just adore 4

This child. I tell you what.


He is the most alive little person you'll ever see.


He makes me think of Emily Webb in "Our Town" when she says, "Do any human beings ever realize life while they live it--every, every minute?" And her answer is "no." But she never met our Captain. He'd have relieved her mind.

He's crazy excited to turn 4, but told me "I still like the things I used to like when I was 3."

He is just so incredibly present all the time.  And sometimes, this is a detriment.  His ability to forecast and follow through on moderately complex instructions is, shall we say, not his forte? It causes some grief between him and that other parent that lives here.  He is just too busy fully living in any given present moment.

He really looks exactly like the Tiny Tim in George C Scott's Scrooge. #vscocam

But he is the king of being excited, and tiny trivial things are miracles to him. And he says he loves me every.single.day. He wants to sit by me at every meal, and it's fun to be his favorite, because the kid gets fixated on his favorite things to an unbelievable extent. So if you happen to be a blue, sword-fighting, motorcycle-riding, motherly pig with chocolate milk and an iphone with angry birds in-tow, you are SET. And he will sing-song your praises in his adorable halted little boy voice all the day long. Marvelous stuff.

Woke up to this mug 2 inches from my face.... Again.

The poor boy has a birthday on Epiphany.  It is not an ideal time to have a birthday, as your parents are usually gasping for figurative air after the winter holidays.  But we did our best to celebrate this crazy cool kid who reminds us all to enjoy our brief and precious lives.  Mr Renn took requests and made home-made corn dogs.  I made a chocolate torte, and then took requests and frosted it in smurf-blue frosting.

Homemade birthday corn dogs

Desecrated a lovely chocolate hazelnut torte with blue frosting. #birthdayboygetswhathewants

But my favorite thing about this admittedly underwhelming birthday celebration was the card that Sir O made for his brother.  That he would take the time (of his own volition) to craft something so well-tailored to the recipient is just exhilarating to me.  

Sir O made the Captain the coolest birthday card of all time.


Sometimes, I tell you, it is wonderful to be the mother of these boys.  Exhausting, but marvelous.

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