Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summertime Blues

Have I mentioned how this Summer is eating me alive?  If I ever in all my childhood told my mother I was bored, I repent most fervently now.  (Though I don't think I did that much, I was a fairly self-contained low-key child.) God, in all of His good-humor, thought I needed to learn about boredom.  So He sent me Sir O, the bellicose.

Sheesh.  A little overkill, wasn't that?

His first face paint. There was drama. #vscocam #afterlight

But despite the admitted inevitable futility of our attempts, we keep coming up with things to do.  I am the queen of arts of crafts - all of which are rejected after one or two rounds.  We fit in outings when we're feeling brave or can borrow an extra pair of supervisory hands.



Bunny at the pool. #welovebunny #vscocam #afterlight

I find I am so much more than outnumbered these days.  I'm like an ant in a tsunami half of the time.  And the other half I am playing catch-up, trying to remind everyone inside the house that everyone outside of the house is holding me accountable for their shenanigans, even and especially when I have no control over them.

This is Sir O at my little sister's final/Senior Ballet recital.  I've been trying to take him on dates to  get him used to the idea of behaving himself in public.  He seems to mistake the purpose of these outings to be an exercise in stressing his mother out.  I'm going to be stubborn and keep trying.


Happiest kid ever. #vsco #vscocam #afterlight #vscocam_kids

Oh, the messes at my house.  My kids are gross, I'm just going to say it.  I am the only thing standing between them and a major cockroach infestation.  Luckily, from what I can tell most kids are gross, and would happily live in total squalor.  There are a great many moms run as ragged as me.


Ah Bunny, the squishiness.  Just stay this way forever and ever, okay?

Best dentist treasure box prize ever. #vscocam #afterlight

The Captain has decided I need more learning curve than just the anxiety and belligerence of Sir O.  His apraxia has been pushing lots of buttons lately.  The list just keeps growing of seemingly small things that are going to be "issues", possibly forever more.  Piled all together they begin to look formidable.  I need to sit down and process that in a post soonish.

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