Sunday, October 06, 2013

Adjusting expectations

So... my life is a little bit, a lot, crazy.

Luckily, it's the good kind of crazy, but still, stress and time-shortages are still stress and time shortages.

I've been at this parenting gig long enough to know that when the crazy level amps up, it's time to lower the bar.

IMG_3761Sept_Oct 2013demilleoversizedcameradump

This blog space has fallen to pieces over the last couple of years.  It's had at least a dozen identity crises and lost almost all of its readership.  I've been averaging 1 comment every 6 weeks.  Go me.

But I fear that if I drop this ball altogether, my record-keeping will suffer horrendously.  There needs to be a place that I keep a record of my life and my story of mothering my crazies while also attempting to keep myself growing, my household reasonably intact, and my marriage strong.  I can't be maintaining this space for anybody's benefit besides my own and my family's right now.  So the lousy comment stats may be okay after all.

But here's what lowering the bar is going to look like.  I can't plan, and I can't edit.  I can't be consistent, and I can't be thorough.  I will not manage to have a picture for every story or anecdote I want to share, and I may not manage to provide much of a story for all the pictures I may want to share here.  I anticipate we will mostly devolve into image-less text posts and nearly text-less image posts.  It'll still be a record of my life and our story, and it'll still be valuable.

Bar lowered.  Carrying on.

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Aby Runyan said...

I'd so much rather that everybody lower their expectations than stop blogging altogether. It's so much more valuable than facebook in the long run.
I don't ever get any comments anymore either (well a couple here and there). Nobody comments anymore, which is frustrating because you do start feeling like - "is this thing on?" But never fear, we are here. Even those of us who only know you through this very blog, and love you and your family because of it.

luvs, aby

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