Thursday, January 09, 2014


Milestone of milestones - Mr Renn and I celebrated out 10th wedding anniversary.
We got our annual reminder that the convenience of getting married over Christmas break does not make up for having your anniversary get lost in the bustle of the holidays forever more.

But.  This year we will really be celebrating our anniversary, just not on our actual anniversary.

We are crazy kids, us two rather adult-aged people.  We are constantly sharing looks across the room to share a silent laugh at something hilarious one of our kids say or do.  We buy each other cookbooks like they're going out of style.  We are both really rather hoping (though for differing reasons I'm sure) that this is the year that our family gets a home of their very own.

Mr Renn has really held his own since I started school.  He's had to.  I allow him space to do things his way and he's really very comfortable homemaking.  He is the only person in the world I can leave the kids with without giving instructions, and I can let him order food for me with total trust that I'll get something I like.

School has been fairly rough on our marriage so far.  It has steamrolled our already sparse moments for real communication.  We are more like ships passing in the night than ever.  (Which inevitably paves the way for too many miscommunications.)  But, since we both undertook this endeavor with the understanding it wouldn't necessarily be pleasant, we are so far weathering that storm ok.  And it's terrific for me to feel supported in pursuing my goal, and I think it's terrific for Mr Renn to feel like he's doing something for me that not all husbands are willing to do for their wives - to prioritize my education and skill set.  We're really blessed to be able to make this work for our family right now, even if "making it work" sometimes looks really frantic.  We evaluate often enough that I think if it ever starts really not working for our family we'll both be able to fess up.

But truly, despite the rough patches, sending me back to school is my love language. I'm experiencing a ton of growth there and growth is almost always both good and difficult.  I'm still able to be home with the kids during the day, and somehow the laundry is still getting done, food prepared, and the house occasionally gets cleaned.  We are making it work.

Though blogging about it?  That is not doing so well at making it to the top of the list.  I will continue to not give up.  I will also continue to post my homework over here. Hopefully I'll eventually get some self-initiated content going there too.  (Next semester is History of Animation and Screens Theories.  Try to contain your rapture.)

So just let me say, that if you are going to try to carve out a life and make it mean something, Mr Renn is an awesome guy to have in your corner. My luck is not lost on me.

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K-Krew said...

Happy Anniversary! Beautiful photo! I love that color on you! And being able to trust him to order food that you like...that's love. I'm not kidding either, we are still working on that skill/talent/ability.

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