Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Spring Break - Grad School edition

This week, I'm honing my mettle.

IMG_5171April May 2014demilleprovotabernacletemple

I'm also patting myself on the back the tiniest wee bit.  Because if I'd been ask to live this week a year ago I would have found it utterly unbearable.  But now, I'm mostly managing to roll with it.

The kids are out of school all week, which means there is no break whatsoever from the entropy of Sir O.  My home will constantly be falling apart all around me.  On top of which it is my last full week of class for the semester and I have a major paper due Friday, and finals and another giant paper due next week.

Plus the regular rigamarole of reading lots of things that require every iota of available brainpower to make sense of.

And a baby with a broken leg.  And a penchant for re-injuring it.

And a 3 year old who's potty-training in earnest (which means he's naked most of the time).

It's just really a lot.  A full plate.  A fairly large amount of stress.  Not earth-shattering stress, but mess-up-your-biological-rhythms stress.

And while it's certainly not pretty and never what I'd call "ideal," I'm essentially keeping myself held together.

This morning, to get out of the house, and to keep Sir O contained in a seat-belt-sized space, I packed all the kids out to go see the progress on the new Provo Temple.  The angel was placed on top a few days ago, and I thought it might be a nice outing.  Free and close and short. Only the Gentleman seemed to agree with me though, nobody else wanted to get out of the car.  This is why God gave me this child.

IMG_5173April May 2014demilleprovotabernacletemple

So, two days in and my head is still above water.  I am growing up, aren't I?

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...life, the way of the hummingbird said...

Funny, no spring break here, just a few days over Easter. I wish i could lend you a helping hand. I truly hope you'll have a break before more classes for you.
if you ever, ever have a split second to spare in the future, i'd love to hear your voice. btw, i am happy to see the gentlemen's hair grow back, it suits his endearing nature so much more. additional prayers on your behalf ...

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