Friday, May 02, 2014

Sir O outside his comfort zone

IMG_5201April May 2014demillebunny cast and o's recital

Sir O finished up the Let's Play Music 3-year program a week ago and performed in a little recital.
One of many, many epic mom fails I've managed recently shows up in the beginning of this video, as I completely spaced preparing an introduction for him to memorize for this song he composed.   So his already uncomfortable moment in front of a crowd is made infinitely more uncomfortable by not being prepared with anything to say.  I think he's forgiven me, but I haven't forgiven myself yet.

Anyway, despite his perennial reticence, I think this experience has actually given him a lot of confidence, not to mention a stellar music theory base. I'm super impressed with it, and the rest of my boys will be starting in the Fall with their first year.  So really, I must be impressed to be willing to undergo getting 3 kids to practice on a regular basis.  Torture.

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Haddock said...

He seems to be happy with his price.

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