Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Remarrying at 85

I completed this project for my most recent production course, and also because I wanted to.  I struggled unreasonably with technical production issues (i.e., not a single shot is 100% in focus, le sigh), but I'm still pretty happy with how the storytelling came together, and that part was incredibly tricky and time-consuming to do.  So, here's one of the more anomalous parts of my summer:

Because of her rather agoraphobic nature, my Grandma has never figured very prominently in my own life, but I've always known that she hadn't always been that way, and I've always felt an inordinate fondness for the fuller, larger being I had only heard stories about.  Seeing her change so much from the person she's been for the entirety of my own life has been surreal for me.  But happy surreal.  I'll take it.

Because I couldn't find a way to include enough detail of the chronology without doubling the length of the film: My grandfather was a fighter pilot in the Vietnam War, was shot down and taken prisoner in 1967, and was released in 1973.  For at least 2 years of that time he was MIA.  That experience seems to have catalyzed a lot of the problems, anxieties, depressions, and events that followed. If there are any other unclear details, I'm happy to iron them out.

1 comment:, the way of the hummingbird said...

you know, that gives me hope. i wish her all the best.

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