Monday, January 12, 2015

Aim high


IMG_7559October 2014demilleprep for ALT

Too late for New Years Resolutions, eh?  Well, it's never too late for a detailed goal with a well-mapped out plan behind it. And 2015, from the outset, is shaping up to be a big deal.  Paramount this year: finish my Masters Degree and graduate.  Also looming large: maybe begin pregnancy #5, and maybe find a part-time/freelance job.  Do those two seem to contradict each other?  Why yes, yes they do.  But the worst thing that can happen is things stay the same, so why not hope? Somebody somewhere might value my skill set enough to work around my schedule, and I am a much happier Emily when I feel like someone values my time enough to pay me for it.

Speaking of skill sets....

Other goals for the year:

(besides the elephant in the room: get my thesis written, submitted, and defended)

  • develop a habit of using my Mint App, and feel more like I'm telling my money where to go than the other way around
  • Survive Alt Summit, and make some friends while promoting my survey. (Emily needs friends, in the worst way.  Grad school has pretty well only amplified the lonely parts of my life.)
  • Take an InDesign class
  • Get Sir O started with formal piano lessons, and just maybe start taking some myself.
  • Get large chunks of work done on our basement and our yard.  It will be a while yet before the work that we do there has any glamour to it, but progress is progress, and there's lots of potential in our Bantam Hill.
  • Since the large house projects aren't likely to get to the fun or rewarding stages anytime too soon, I'm also hoping to do some things to brighten up the main level.  Dark crumbly rock fireplace, maroon accent wall, and cow wallpaper - I'm looking at you. (Hopefully not for much longer).
  • Invest in my relationships more purposefully.  My family has born the brunt of the stress of school for the last year and half, and I frankly have some damage control to do.  (I also need to learn how to keep stress from snowballing into anxiety.)
  • Read (and study) the New Testament.  Do at least some of this with Sir O. I'm starting with this book as a resource. 
  • Start cooking and baking again, before the aforementioned pregnancy hits and I no longer can.  Though we have a conflict of interest at our house over trying to find things to eat that facilitate our picky eaters (Mr Renn and our Gentleman), fit Mr Renn's weekday vegetarian goals, and are low enough in calories, and high enough in other nutrients for me to reach my fitness goals, and oh-yeah, don't take 6 hours to prepare.) 
In a drastic turn of events, I made breakfast in bed for Mr Renn (@drrennegade ) this morning. He would have fallen out of bed, except he's been asking me to do it. Now the b-n-b score: Renn- 256, Me- 2. #vscocam #afterlight

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