Friday, January 16, 2015

Things to Think About #3

  • Some awesome poster art about great women in science (by Hydrogene)
  • Hopefully some good news on the Alzheimers front.  My great-grandmother, a remarkable woman, was debilitated by Alzheimers later in life, and died from complications related to it.  Bunny is named after her.  I'd love to see fewer people go through that wrenching experience. 
  • PRI story on the first female doctors in the world, from around the world, who studied at the Women's Medical College of Pennsylvania in 1885. 
  • I love the way Jordan sets goals.  And she always, always achieves them, or comes close enough that it's still a successful experience.  She's got the science of using goals to one's benefit down-pat. 
  • The (politically charged) tragedy of Jean Seberg.  She was so, so transcendent in Breathless, it's hard not to care about what happened to her. 
  • And learning how to grieve in our grief-illiterate culture.
  • Speaking of which, BrenĂ© Brown is brilliant, even in 3 minute snippets. (The Power of Empathy, illustrated.)

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