Sunday, February 21, 2016


Yeah, you try coming up with a pseudonym for a fourth boy.  It's almost as much drama as coming up with the nym(name) only the stakes are lower.

The duke's stink eye. He's too cool for me.

We've considered:

S. Esquire
le Dauphin (or even le petit Dauphin, but that's just getting too long)
Earl of Bantam Hill
And I've always wanted to call one of my boys Little Lord Fauntleroy, but can't really shorten that to "Lord" for the obviously blasphemous connotation.

In the end, and in part because his coming was so closely timed with Bowie's going, he's going to be some variation on "The Duke" - but he's going to have to do a bit more living before the best adjectives to attach to that title make themselves apparent. (I have a feeling neither "thin" nor "white" will be his for the taking, so this name will be a work in progress.)

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shelley said...

Big hearty congratulations Emily! Child birth is an enormous, painful ordeal, and you've done it five times now. Pretty sure you should be getting an award!!!

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