Monday, July 17, 2017

The novella explaining why my URL has changed

Greetings world! For the vast majority of the 5 of you reading this, you haven't read anything I've written in a long while, because Emily's blog mysteriously disappeared from the internet for a while, and you've only just now been redirected to this sort-of-new-spot.  What gives, right?

Well, let me tell you about the perfect concatenation of contretemps; the blows that knocked me down and from which I did not get back up again with any haste.  

Like many, many of you, I ended 2016 on a low.  I kind of wished I could toss most of the year in the rubbish bin like so many wadded up pieces and paper and declare a do-over.  I was not in the most irrepressible state of being.  Then it was revealed to me that there was an error with my account with the company through which i had purchased my domain, and due to the nature of the error, I never received any email notifications about the problem.  My account was locked and blocked and the only way I could (ever) unlock it was to remember a 4 digit pin I had selected almost 8 years ago.  I have learned to safeguard such information much better since then, but there was no retrieving that information from the cryptogram of my mom brain.  Every time we guessed my account got more locked.

So my domains all lapsed.  And I SHOULD have gotten right on top of re-registering them with a new account.  That would have been the reasonable, rational way to handle this problem.  But this was not a reasonable or rational problem for me.  This was all of karma conspiring to swallow my only (and neglected) means of self-expression down a slimy abyss.  It was my voice shrinking to oblivion. `This hit at the end of a many-month dry spell of tightening our belts, and at the beginning of the quagmire of antepartum/antenatal depression.  There was nothing reasonable or rational about this problem in the hormonal lady's brain.

And so "resolve domain issue" sat on my to-do lists for months, looming larger and meaner and darker and heavier all the time.  Until I finally began to peak through the fog and start to think goal-oriented thoughts again.  So I started bugging my tech-saviest little brother to come hold my hand, because I knew I would deflate at the first difficulty if I were on my own.  For him, no big deal.

We finally got our ducks in a row this week, and as I had expected in my pessimistic little prego-heart, two of my 3 domains had been snatched up by people who do that sort of thing, hoping that someone will be desperate enough to get them back that they can be extorted.  As of right now, I am not feeling THAT determined.  So at present, my badly neglected domains are as follows: is now is now
(after the rhyme)
and, lucky for me, remained available.  

I realize that blows to bits any RSS following I may have ever had, but at least the things I muster the gumption to write are accessible on the internet again.  It's a start. 

So, welcome to the new domain.  I, for one, am terribly relieved to be here. I've been writing while I've been offline - so for those who want to catch up.  It's all here. 

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